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I’m Farisya, an ordinary girl, who likes to talk a lot, and tell stories obout her life. So here it is! Made this as a platform for me to share what comes to my mind and always commited to give the best version of myself and yours. In Sha Allah

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For Beautiful People

  • Hope✨
    Salam and Hi my Beautiful People, how do you feel today? I feel great too, Alhamdulillah 🤍 Everyone have Hope. Do you believe in Hope? What is Hope to you? Every night we go to bed,we have no assurance to wake up alive in the next morning but still we set alarm for the nextContinue reading “Hope✨”
  • I will!🧡

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About Me

Hi, I’m Farisya Farikh. I’m currently living in the best phase of my life. I love writing about my life, my study journey, my fangirling hobbies, outfits, food and life adventures. Love to spread happiness and love! Alhamdulillah🤍

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